Commerce & Tourism


Our Focus

Your voice will be heard! Meet neighbors and share ideas with people who value the specialness of Glen Ellen.

Glen Ellen has long been visited for its scenic charm and rural atmosphere, and tourism has helped to sustain the health and viability of the local businesses. However, tourism related activities are altering Glen Ellen’s community and the character that makes the town attractive.

The Tourism Committee will:

  • Study the effects of tourism and tourism-related activities on the infrastructure and quality of life in Glen Ellen.
  • Empower residents to control noise and disturbance from tourist activities.
  • Develop material to communicate Glen Ellen’s history and facilities to visitors.
  • We want to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on our neighborhoods, community and environment, while promoting responsible and sustainable solutions and contributing to the sustenance and preservation of historic Glen Ellen, ensuring that it remains a gem for years to come.

Current & Future Projects

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