Neighborhood Emergency Alert

What is a neighborhood emergency alert?

A neighborhood emergency alert does not mean evacuate, but it could.

In case our area is hit with another catastrophic fire or another event that requires a quick response with limited communication, we will utilize air horns and car horns to sound an alert.

How to do a Glen Ellen Neighborhood Emergency Alert

In the event emergency personnel are not in the vicinity or otherwise unavailable, any person with knowledge of our community in imminent danger can sound an alarm. Exceptions would be for chemical or nuclear disasters when we would need to stay indoors.

  1. If you are the first person to sound an alarm, you should attempt to contact 911 first so emergency personnel is responding, and/or, you could learn from 911 the extent of the emergency if possible. NOTE: 911 will become overwhelmed by calls, please only call if needed.
  2. Stand outside preferably in a place people can find you and sound the air horn or your car horn with intermittent blasts for one minute (important to not sound like a car alarm system so mix up your sounds). Pause and repeat as many times as needed to get your neighbors to respond.
  3. Share your knowledge of the emergency

What to do when you hear the alert?

First, figure out what the alert means.

  • Go outside and see what is happening – talk to the person sounding the alarm.
  • Use the phone tree – Go door to door if merited.
  • Help sound the alarm
  • Turn on your TV or Radio (KSVY 91.3 FM, and KSRO 1350 am were good in October 2017)
    Be signed up for County Emergency Alerts.

Second, be prepared

  • Get your people and pets together, go-bags, documents, and medications. Review your emergency plan – if separated, where and when to meet.

Third, respond.

  • Depending on the emergency, do what you have been training and preparing for!