9/3/19 update on the MAC

September 3, 2019 update on the MAC for Glen Ellen, Eldridge, and Kenwood from Arielle Kobu-Jones of Susan Gorin's Office

North Valley MAC emerged as the most consensus pick.
· Valley of the Moon MAC was the most popular, but there are concerns from Supervisor Gorin and County Administrator Staff about that being too close to Valley of the Moon Alliance
· North Valley MAC edged out EKG MAC for second place in both the Ranking and What Can You Live With questions
· Some folks expressed strong feelings against EKG

At the meeting, the clear winner in the popularity contest between the maps was that larger, more inclusive boundaries are better.
· One table turned in a suggested expansion of the largest boundary, which was revised slightly from the largest map
· You can download and review the boundaries here: North Valley MAC Boundaries

There was some great discussion about the scope of the MAC at the meeting, including a focus on traffic issues, fire and preparedness, and housing, as well as a need to include a “family” representative. To that end, the bylaws have been revised to include the following:
· Advisory Topics:
o Prioritization of transportation, transit, traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian improvements
o Health and human safety-net services, including homelessness and housing
o Community projects such as art, clean ups and vegetation planting
o Fire services and community preparedness
o Additional topics as requested by the District Supervisor

· Membership:
To provide well rounded representation, the following groups and regions within the MAC Boundaries will have representation on the MAC when possible: businesses or nonprofits, the Sonoma Valley Citizen’s Advisory Commission (SVCAC), families or schools, and representatives from Kenwood, Glen Ellen and Eldridge. Two alternates will also be appointed.
The North Valley MAC will have the following representation:
Kenwood Area Community: 2 representatives
Glen Ellen/Eldridge Area Community: 2 representatives
Business or Non-profit Community: 1 representative
Sonoma Valley Citizen’s Advisory Commission (SVCAC): 1 representative
Family/School Community (household with school age children, teacher or school staff, school board, etc.): 1 representative
Alternates: 2 at large representatives

Review the complete bylaws here: North Valley MAC Bylaws

Timeline and Next Steps
This is of course subject to change if necessary.
· The formation of the North Valley MAC is set to go before the Board of Supervisors on September 17th, 2019
· A press release and a mailer will come out announcing the Applications, all of which will be released in September
· Supervisor Gorin and a small committee of community members who are not applying for the MAC will review the applications in October
· MAC members to be appointed by the Board of Supervisors in November
· Training and Commencement of Meetings to begin in January 2020 (skipping December due to holidays)