SDC PAT Virtual Community Kickoff

The SDC PAT virtual Community Kick-Off was last Thursday and Friday. A very important continuation for our community outreach as we all discuss the future of the SDC Campus and lands.

Thursday, April 30th COMMUNITY OUTREACH 1:00-1:45 John McCaull -Sonoma Land Trust

Thursday, April 30th MARKET CONDITIONS 2:00-2:45 Keven Feeney, Robert Upton, Kelso Barnett -Real Estate Economics and Real Estate Development consultants.

Friday, May 1st SITE ECOLOGY 1:00-1:45 Richard Dale -Sonoma Ecology Center

Friday, May 1st HISTORIC PRESERVATION 2:00-2:45 Gregg Montgomery, Teresa Murphy, Charlie Mikulik -GEHS

Visit to participate.

All four presentations very important for our community to know about and participate in.