Sharing your story


Some believe that in order to heal you need to share your story, in your own words, so that you feel heard and your experience appreciated or understood as well as it can be, without having had to endure it.

So many our neighbors in Glen Ellen have lost a lifetime of memories to these horrific fires, and if they choose to share their stories with us, we want it to be in their words, and in a time that works best for them.

The Glen Ellen Forum will offer this blog space for our neighbors who want to share their stories on their terms, and in their own words. If they want to share pictures of their loss or their memories, it will all be welcome. However, we will not allow any content that is not directly attributable to the author. Our neighbors who have suffered deserve our respect always, but especially now. Please submit your stories and/or photos to and we will repost on this blog, and notify you when we do so.  - The Glen Ellen Forum