March 2019 Meeting Notes

Monday, March 4th, 2019
Garden Court Café

(1) ENGAGEMENT – No events currently on Calendar
(1) TRAFFIC & SAFETY – Fire Safe Councils and other items
Working on Fire Safe Council Program. It is a State-wide program, encouraged by the Fire Dept.
3 groups: East Side, Mayacamas and Bennett Ridge have been meeting regarding the Fire Safe Council Program
Come and see Traffic & Safety folks if you want to join the groups

(10) SDC – Updates on the warm shut down, transition, etc
Alice H. Co-chair of committee. Committee has been meeting regularly, once a month. Activities are at a standstill. Negotiations regarding specific allocations of funds are on-going on between county and state. Recently Tracy Salcedo wrote a wonderful op-ed that has been in pretty much every local paper (not Press Democrat). It looked at the past year and what has been done, and arguably the most productive thing they have done is participate in the coalition/ leadership group/committee.
Towards the end of January, a letter was composed and sent to Gavin Newsom & others, outlining a vision for SDC, including establishment of The Eldridge Trust. The letter contained specific asks for resources. contains letters and info on asks.
We are being taken seriously, seen as a community and it’s known that we will fight to do what is right.

(5) PROJECTS – BJ Blanchard gave Update on the Kiosk application
*Sorry I missed the first part of this, was literally being tapped on the shoulder* Met with Susan Gorin and her assistant and completed an application for $9,900 grant funds from Tourism Impact Fund. Have every reason to believe it will be awarded. Work to be done includes a 3-sided kiosk, small lending library, mulch, and gravel w/cobblestone accents and plantings…also a garbage can. Funding expected in April, with work to be completed May into June.
Will contract with Becoming independent, litter abatement
We have a contractor, Mark Gonsalves, who will do work with us for free
Application going in March 5th, Project completed in June

(3) BYLAW revisions – Jim Shere update
Jim Shere – hardworking team put together new bylaws. Needed since we are now a non-profit
Bylaws have been submitted in draft form to the board, the board has been looking them over. Jim has gathered together their responses. By end of March there will be a vote on the final bylaws.
Copy of current draft is online:

(5) BOARD MEETING 4/13/18 Elections – Please attend Mayflower Time TBA
We have our board in place, from about last June.
Looking for nominations for board or steering committee.
Nomination forms are up front, will reach out to nominees to confirm their interest.
Bylaws allow up to 11, currently at 7
Taking nominations until Friday after April meeting
Questions: or PO Box 490 Glen Ellen CA

Accepting Applications again, we were able to get a few extra sheds and we will accept applications for them and have a lottery hopefully some time in April for the 2 or 3 avail. This will also be posted on Facebook, email, next door, website, bulletin board, post office – Labor avail with Trailer and manpower to transport and set up. Communications Team is currently Shannon, Laura and Melissa.
Grant was from United Way, we have 3 or 4 extra.
Q: What has been the profile of who would like a shed?
A: Glen Ellen Fire victims per the conditions of the Grant

(5) TREASURER Report & eScrip sign Up
We have money in our bank account
$350 from GE village fair
Signed up for eScrip in Nov., have not seen any money come in yet.
Donate button on our website is now working – Yayyyy Melissa!!

(2) EKG (Eldridge, Kenwood, Glen Ellen) Working Group
No Glen Ellen update however the Boyes MAC was just seated so hopefully Supervisor will have time to move things along for EKG now.
Shannon: Springs has just formed a MAC, they were one step ahead of GE. GE and Kenwood are combining. Susan Gorin’s office was working on the Springs, we are in line. Working on having boundaries to represent us as well as possible so that topics that MAC committee can address are not too limited.
GE Fair – Have started planning now, committee is a group of volunteers. Meet 2nd Monday of the month at the Lodge @6:30. Discuss theme, grand Marshall etc. Spread the word, looking for more people to be involved.

(5) BUSINESS GROUP (Tourism & Commerce) Laura as acting Chair, next meeting
Meeting regularly, chaired by Laura Schermeister
Tourism & Commerce (FB@ Small businesses of Glen Ellen) officially part of GE Forum
Next meeting March 25th @4:30 at the new candle shop, Sonoma 707 Candles (used to be Moondance, next to the chocolate shop
Make GE attractive to visit, and how to keep tourists and their dollars here as opposed to leaving on day trips
250 or so businesses in Glen Ellen
3/25 430pm at Candle shop at Jack London Village

3/11/19 will be first meeting for 2019 630p @ Lodge in pool room

(5) Dr. Kathy Hargitt – Sonoma Valley Homeless Task Force progress.
Q: Estimated Homeless in GE ~ 3 or 4
Probably reluctance if someone is undocumented – they are eligible for all of the services
Hopefully funds will keep coming in since we are now on the radar

Introducing The Jack London Yacht Club
Founders Jim Burch and Ann Maria Dominguez volunteer opportunity day of on the London Lodge decks and Bridge to keep pedestrians safe
Founder – Jim Burch & Ann Maria Dominguez (Vice commodore)
The 2017 fires were the catalyst for creation of the “boat race” down Sonoma Creek at the end of April.
Boats are built out of redwood, modeled after jack London’s boat The Snark
$58,000 raised so far
Proceeds will go to local non-profits, grants are already online.
Boat Distribution Party – April 14th 2-5PM at The Lodge
There will be a stage as well as music
Event is in need of Pedestrian Guide volunteers
*No general public in the creek, firefighters only

ALL OTHER BUSINESS (5 minutes) Any other items
Support for friends in Russian River impacted by the flooding
Steve Baxman- Monte Rio Fire is interested in helping/putting something together
“Reverse speed bumps” on the bridge
Someone whom appeared to be from the County was seen surveying
Next meeting is April 1st @7PM
We might be changing location – if we do, there will be ample notice.